Bank that creates the future!

We are Belarusky Narodny Bank. To bear the name Belarusky Narodny Bank is a matter of great honor and responsibility at the same time.

We are the bank that having analyzed the past and utilizing the present creates the future!

Our essence is creating the prosperous future!

Although novelty in knowledge and experience is something that we always aspire after eagerly, it is our intuition for banking that grants as quality of creating the prosperous future. Furthermore, our intuition for banking is what makes us unique. It’s an integral part of ours!

Intuition for banking to us is:

  • Understanding what is happening today and what will be tomorrow

  • Interpreting opportunities and challenges that face us

  • Anticipating needs and moving quickly to respond to them

We are always one step ahead as long as:

  • We touch hearts and minds of a number of people and by doing so we acquire completely unique experience

  • We foresee the needs of our customers, investors, each otheras well as society in general and aspire to meet them

  • We listen to people both within and outside the organization, taking into consideration divergent points of view

  • We smell opportunities and aim at making them come true

  • We taste success and always strive for winning new victories

Ahead of our time, we create the new standards of banking services.

Our slogan is feel the future.

Our Mission is to build the successful future.

Our vision is setting new standards.

Our corporate values are respect, team spirit, wisdom, imagination, courage and passion.

  • Respect – to build long term relationship with the customers, partners, shareholders, employees and society based on consideration, professionalism and trust

  • Team spirit – to achieve the outstanding results together, as one, united and uncompromised team

  • Wisdom – to take smart decisions based on knowledge, experience and the intuition

  • Imagination – to think out of box, constantly challenge the status quo and to come up with fresh ideas

  • Courage – to be always ready to explore new areas, take reasonable risks and make opportunities come true

  • Passion – to be pro-active, result driven and constantly the best

Our orange aspiration

Orange color is a mixture of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

Orange attracts. It emanates energy of happiness that fills us, which we then share with the others.

Orange is a symbol of creative thinking and quest for something new.

Orange strengthens the self-confidence, the feel of freedom and the desire to share one’s own positive energy with one another.

Orange means to us warmth, energy, happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, motivation, imagination, passion, admiration, strength, courage, commitment, openness, awareness, harmony, balance, and the most importantly – love.